Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Special Christmas Eve Visit

Christmas Eve is packed with magic - the glitter of the holiday, the anticipation of the big man in red, and for those that celebrate, the anniversary of Christ's birth.

Our Christmas Eve was a little more magical than usual. We went 'home' to visit my side of the family, and spent a sunny day hiking with a few of my sibs, my mom, my husband and of course, Noah.

My sister in law commented that it didn't *feel* like Christmas Eve. The ice on the pond and the chill in the air proved it was winter, but there was something missing... something not quite Christmasy about the afternoon.  

All that changed on the way back when someone suggested stopping by the MCFD office. "Who knows, Noah's guardianship worker might be in today." 

I suppose I should clarify that suggestion with a general warning: most people (social workers included, but people in general) do not appreciate walk-in visitors. But it was Christmas Eve, and we were in the neighbourhood, and we thought, Why not? He's either working or he's at home with his family, and seeing ours won't affect his workload too much. (We hoped.) 

We were delightfully surprised.... not only was he in, he had a few minutes to come on out to see us!!! We were so excited. Noah's adoption was a bit serendipitous, and we remain grateful to this day for all the people who helped bring him home to us.

We feel especially grateful to Noah's guardianship worker, who was behind our application 100%. He was absolutely delighted to see how far Noah had come since that pivotal moment over a year and a half ago when we sat around the dining room table drafting Noah's adoption plan together.  

Noah was his charming self. Rosy-cheeked and close to exhausting from our hike, he still had enough energy to wish the office "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" as he munched on a little candy cane. 

On our way out the door, Noah's worker stopped us and pulled out the thank-you card and photograph we'd mailed him more than a year ago. He'd kept that little thank you all this time, and we were so touched to know that maybe in some way, Noah had made an impact on HIS life, too. 

We had a very Merry Christmas after that meeting. 

When we woke up on Christmas morning, and Noah scampered up the stairs, Kevin and I had to stop and look at each other in wonder.... every day with Noah is its own miracle, and we were glad to have that moment to remind us that his presence in our family is a gift to be celebrated every day.