Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help for Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti has had a devastating impact. That devastation extends to many families in British Columbia. For those families who are in process - who have had a proposal for a child and are waiting to bring them home, the news is especially heart-wrenching.

AFABC has created a special page devoted to Haiti. It includes ways you can support the rescue and relief efforts, and includes links to the Canadian Embassy and other crucial information sources for those that have family members or friends on the island.AFABC Help for Haiti Links.

AFABC will be releasing a special *enews* bulletin to our membership regarding the earthquake. If you have children in Haiti, (if you haven't already), please contact your Licensed Agency who may have information for you and will offer specialized supports for your family. AFABC has five Adoption Support Coordinators throughout the province (including myself!) and we are here to offer our support to you as well. 

Our thoughts, prayers, and love are with everyone affected by this tragedy. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Meeting, Big Impact

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big impact in this world. 

A few weeks back I got a client call requesting we run a support group meeting for waiting parents. I pulled out my calendar, we chose a date, and I sent an invite out to our relevant membership.  

Today was support group day, and when I woke up I was feeling a little reluctant to leave my son at home. He was an extra snuggly monster this morning, and the days when he wants to set up "snuggle camp" are becoming fewer and further between.

But the meeting was this afternoon, and by the time I left at 1pm, I'd already rescued six breakables from certain death at the hands of my toddler. I'd endured three tantrums, four time-outs, and successfully scrubbed maple syrup out of said-toddler's curls. By 1pm, I was ready for a little break!

The support group meeting ended up having a small turn out, but a big impact. We had just six people in attendance. As prior experiences have taught me, sometimes the more intimate groups have the best conversations and become the most effective means of touching people. Today was no exception to that rule.

I went to the meeting expecting to facilitate a group that is dear to my heart but to which I don't personally belong. My plan was to facilitate but not participate except when relevant or when requested. 

As it turned out, I got to witness and chat with a remarkable group of really caring parents and prospective parents. I got to revisit the time in my life not so very long ago when my husband and I were taking those uncertain steps towards the big leap into adoptive parenting. Hearing their stories and sharing those hopes reminded me that even the littlest meetings can have a very big impact.

After handing in the keys to the workshop room and walking back into the rainy city streets, I felt absolute gratitude to have had the opportunity to be a part of a group with such a wonderful, caring dynamic.  

Thank you to the five friends who came to share their time today. We may not have filled the room, but those two hours went further than you may have realized - at least for this Adoption Support Coordinator.