Friday, March 9, 2012


For many, adoption is a difficult journey. Dreams of cradling an infant, or chasing a toddler, or running with (or maybe away from?) a teenager are often difficult to realize.

The path from deciding "I want to adopt" to bringing home a child is well-travelled, but not an easy road. Many times there are roadblocks, unexpected detours, utter derailments. Traffic jams are common. Tried patience is, too.

But in the end, every family that makes the transition from "prospective" to "approved and waiting" to "adoptive parent" insists the journey was worth every bump in the road. In the end, the moment when your child is not just in your arms, but officially YOURS, couldn't be sweeter.

Today was one of those days, when sharing a family's joy gave me a glimpse back into that happy moment. That pocket of time when all the sweat, tears, frustration, and anticipation came together.

Today's news arrived via a quick note from a new parent. Thrilled to share that his daughter's adoption was "for sure". One month had passed since her birth parents made that unimaginably difficult decision to entrust their little girl to another set of parents.

So I sat at my desk and cried like an idiot. And I knew that any colleague that popped their head in would understand my tears because, they, too, were adoptive parents. Or birth mothers, or adoptees. They understood the gravity and the unspeakable joy brought by the reassurance that an adoption was going to go through. A child had found their parents. Two were now three. A family.

Welcome home, little girl.