Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nice Nostrils!

This morning Noah went to the dentist. We chose a pediatric practice, since his many experiences with doctors had left him with minor "white coat syndrome".

Luckily for Noah, the whole office is a kids paradise: video games, play rooms, and an overflowing treasure chest of prizes to reward kids after their visit.

Noah bounced around as usual, picking up toys, peering in exam rooms, hopping on and off of couches as he awaited his turn.

"Wow, and I thought my kids were busy!" One mom of three boys commented. "Oh, look at his curls!! Did he get them from Mom?" She squealed. As usual, I just smiled and said "Oh, I don't know.... " A busy dental office with a bouncing Noah didn't feel like the right place to stop time and explain our beautiful family story.

Noah actually sat still for 3.5 seconds - long enough to allow an x-ray to be taken of his top teeth. The dentist remarked that his four adult teeth (on the top half, at least!) were all present and waiting to emerge in a few years. She asked if there was any orthodontic problems in the family, and as usual I just shrugged, smiled, and said "I don't know!"

I think the lightbulb turned on (or the notes in his file finally made contact with her scanning eyes) because she stopped, smiled, and turned her focus back on Noah.

"Well Noah, you sure got that beautiful smile from somewhere special!"

At that my frizzy haired 3 year old smiled brightly at the woman staring down at him from above. "Nice clean teeth, Noah! You sure did a good job brushing your teeth!"

With that, my son replied. "Nice clean nostrils, lady! You sure did a good job picking your nose!"

Now, THAT's my boy!