Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 Months Later...

When I last posted, I was itching with ire towards our local hospital. That was 3 months ago, and we haven't seen the emergency room (or the ill-educated admitting clerk) since.

What I'd love to post about now are all the adoption-related adventures we went on during our summer vacation... but those adventures didn't happen. Our adventures were just basic, outrageous family shenanigans. 

At first, I hesitated to document them here. I told myself, "This is an adoption blog. People come here to read about my family's life, our challenges, our struggles, and hopefully, our joys."

What I wasn't thinking was the importance of including the non-adoption related pieces that make our family tick. And that's my point today. Adoption is a piece of our family's story. It's our origin, it's our past, it's hopefully our future, and it's my life's work. But outside the job I'm passionate about, and the people I'm fiercely in love with who have been touched by adoption, we're just regular (okay, I admit it, STRANGE and WEIRD but close to normal!) people. 

So I can share my stories of crazy rainstorms in Ireland, and barfing on the side of a superhighway. And barfing while waiting in line at the Eiffel Tower. And badly translated ingredient lists (who knew there were two words for peanut in French?) on our shopping adventures in Paris.

I can let you in on the fun and not worry that "hey, this story doesn't help my audience figure out this part of the adoption puzzle!" It helps because it reassures us that families are families.... even when they involve individuals as silly as me and my loved ones.