Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

It feels good to be back! After a year and a half as Education Coordinator, I am thrilled to be returning to my role as Adoption Support Coordinator for families in the Vancouver/Coastal region.

I'd like to congratulate Michelle McBratney on her new position as Family Finder. She's still a part of the AFABC team, but will work with specific families in her new role.

More congrats... this time to Yvonne Devitt as she returns to her position as Education Coordinator. Yvonne served AFABC and our families in this role for nearly ten years and has returned with fresh ideas for the future of our Education Department.

If you had Michelle, Yvonne, or myself on email, never fear! Even with all these changes, our emails remain the same - and our support to you as families never wavers!

I'm thrilled to be back! I'm rolling up my sleeves and planning some events in Greater Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast.

If you live in Squamish/Whistler area would like to see a summer event in your area, I'm all ears! Please contact me at 604-320-7330 ext 105, or email me at Let's get something together for our Sea to Sky Families this summer!

...And for families living on or planning to visit the Sunshine Coast, now's a great time to book your spot at the Father's Day Weekend Family Camp. Bring your tent or RV and the whole family! Registration required: