Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hurray! (And Uh-Oh). He's Getting it!

A few weeks back, I made the wonderful discovery that children under the age of 3 are free at the movie theater. (I'm quite sure it's because children 2 and under generally aren't capable of sitting through an entire film.)

But we tried Noah out, hoping he'd do well since it was dark and the screen was enormous. And, well, because we had popcorn to bribe him with.

He did awesome!! Most movies these days are 3-D (or at least digital 3-D) and he even managed the required glasses (albeit upside down) for most of the show. 

Last night we tried again, and I took him and my brother-in-law to see Toy Story 3. (Which, by the way, made me CRY!!! Something happened to my hormones when I became a mother.... so watch out, prospective parents!)

Noah and I were chatting about the movie this morning, particularly about a scene where an injured stuffed animal from a daycare found a new owner. (Details changed slightly for those intending to watch the movie & hate spoilers.)

"Wemember, Mommy? The stuffy found a new daddy?" I smiled at him and said "Yes he did, love!" 

He thought about it for a few minutes, came back and announced excitedly "MOMMY! That stuffy... he got adotted!"

"Yes, he did get adopted, Noah! Isn't that wonderful?" I had to smile a little to myself. He's starting to get it! (Hurray!... and uh-oh). I'd better brush up on my answers to the tougher questions that are just ahead.

Happy adoption day, stuffy!