Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I guess on some level celebrities are just more lavish, sometimes uppity versions of ourselves. They might be a bit more tanned, their bodies may be a smidge more plastic, their shoes might be prettier (and hopefully less comfortable!). Deep down, if you scratch the surface, they must be real people underneath... right?? I sure hope so, because often they have an adoption connection.

I was driving in to work today and the morning show host (Drew Savage - who is also an adoptee) - was reporting on the recent news about Oprah and her newly found sister Patricia.

They played a clip with Oprah crying, expressing her gratitude that her sister did not try to exploit her relationship and 'sell her out' for money. Not really the focus I was hoping to hear. What about "I'm so glad I found my sister!" from the 56 year old billionaire. I'm sure their joy was celebrated, too, but the media has this nasty tendency to cling to the potentially scandalous side of any story.

When she brought her baby girl home, the media zoomed right in on the fact that Katherine Heigl had adopted a "SPECIAL NEEDS" baby from Korea. If People magazine could print in flashing neon lights, I'm sure those two words would have vibrated in fluorescence. 

What I'd love to see the media embrace are stories of people beating the odds... follow up with Oprah a year from now, and see how beautiful the relationship is between the sisters. 

Find people like Emma Thompson, who morally adopted a teen from Rwanda. Heck, find ANYone else connected to Hollywood who has adopted a teen. Then give them an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Grammy, and a lifetime achievement award for their commitment to kids.

I like the glitz and glam of Hollywood as much as anyone else. I just wish they could bend their view of adoption into one as hopeful and joy-filled as mine...