Saturday, June 12, 2010

Would You Adopt Me?

I often wonder if anyone would have adopted me if I had been a 'waiting child'. I wonder if my special placement needs would have been too much for any prospective parent to consider. I wonder how many people would have clicked on my pseudonym and quickly decided that "Sally" had too much baggage, or FAR too many siblings, or more medical needs then they were equipped to manage.

So, I thought I'd try it out..... Let's pretend we're back in oh... 1993. That's a mostly good year. Lots of important things happened. The Canadiens won the cup, and the Blue Jays won the World Series. The US elected Clinton, Whitney Houston pledged "I Will Always Love You" and we said goodbye to "Cheers" and hello to "Frasier, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Beavis and Butthead" (I said MOSTLY good year, didn't I?)

It's also the year I turned 12. So... would you have wanted to adopt my twelve year old self? Heck, would I have wanted to? Let's find out:

Sally, born in November, 1981, is a happy 12 year old girl. This blond haired blue eyed tomgirl loves books and chocolate ice cream. Her favourite colour is neon green. Sally is finishing grade six and excels at reading and writing. She struggles with PE, where she frequently fails to hit the volleyball and conveniently forgets to bring her gym shoes. Sally can be a behavioural challenge during square dancing season, and needs frequent reminders that participation is mandatory. Sally is quite messy by nature, and needs constant reminders to clean her room. 

Sally is part of a large sibling group. Six of her siblings (brothers age 2, 3, 7(twins), 17, and a sister, age 15) are also available for adoption.  The hope is for Sally to be placed with at least one of her siblings. 

Sally has type one diabetes, and requires multiple daily injections, a strict diet, and frequent visits with her healthcare team. She needs a family committed to maintaining this area of her health. 

Sally's adoptive parents must be willing to have openness with all nine of Sally's siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. 

So.... what do you think? Would you adopt me?

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Waiting Child Profiles... Woo hoo!!!

For some waiting parents, the day the adoption profiles are updated is a little bit like receiving an early birthday present. For people new to adoption, it can be the lightbulb moment when a prospective mom or dad finally says "Hey! He's the one... now, how do we bring him home?"

There are close to two hundred waiting children who are profiled online (and close to 1,000 registered in total across the province). Every few months, a handful more are added to the MCFD's online  Waiting Child Bulletin.

On days like these, you get to read about waiting kids who are brand new to the profile page. If you're an approved waiting parent who can't wait to sink their (figurative) teeth into their newest family member, it's a bit like that first bite of chocolate birthday cake after a 364 day wait. (Some of us could do without the extra candle... but the cake is just as delicious as the year before!)

Here at the office, I sit back and smile and count the phone calls and emails that come in to the Waiting Child Hotline. Inevitably, there are more than usual in the days following the new additions.

It's a bit wonderful, actually.... knowing there are fledgling prospective parents out there, some of whom just needed a little nudge to make the call or send the email to find out just what adoption might look like for their family.

Sometimes all it takes is a connection (even if it's short-lived) with a certain child's profile, and those numbers are dialed or that email is sent... and before you know it, you're on your way.

I'm so glad so many of you have taken that nudge to heart. If you've seen a profile, or have been thinking about adoption, or aren't quite sure if adopting a Waiting Child is for you.... why not check it out for yourself?

No, we're not unveiling a photolisting. We're not hosting a meet and greet.... but we are inviting you to a Waiting Child Information Session.

If you live in the Vancouver or Fraser districts, there are a handful (very small handful!) of spots remaining in our June 24th session. For folks living in Abbotsford (and beyond!), register here for the June 16th session in your neck of the woods.  

The best part of the two hour session? (Besides meeting one of the funnest social workers around, and learning all the steps and hearing about the kids?) I'll be there.... and as usual, I'm bringing chocolate. 

So you can have your cake an eat it, too.... and best of all, you might just find a waiting child or two that would be perfect for your family.