Friday, November 23, 2012

Zombies over Cats and Dogs

Last night I dreamed that litters of kittens and puppies were overrunning my house. My son was trying to determine which of the animals would be staying and which ones would be "makin' an adoption plan". Every time I picked a kitten or puppy up and placed him back in his nest with his siblings, another escaped and I'd have to chase him down. Pick up, put down, repeat.

I spent the better part of a REM cycle trying to bottle feed a set of premature Weimaraners while a kleenex-box-worthy Persian devoured my shoelace. In between shooing the kitten off of me and fretting over puppies, I came across a kitten with five legs and one eye. I worried he would be overlooked due to his special placement needs.

Even in my dreams, adoption permeates.

Don't get me wrong. Kitten and puppy dreams are a refreshing change, especially since my recent adventures in dreamland have been overrun with creative renditions of last week's episode of The Walking Dead. I just miss the zombies. No one wanted to adopt a zombie, and I'm pretty sure none of the undead adults wanted children (except as a meal, of course.)  It was a nice reprieve.

Life got busy so I haven't been blogging as much. Adoption Awareness Month is upon us, as are plans for the new year and the busyness of the holiday season.

My son has started kindergarten, and it's been a rough go for him so far. So I set aside the writing for a while, not seeing how much value it had to me as a parent and professional to be able to share in this format.

I'm pretty certain my lack of blogging has forced my ever-present adoption focus into my dreams. I believe it's a choice: live and love and work and write about adoption or live and love and work and dream about it.

So welcome back, readers. It's been a long while. I love my family, I love my work. But I'd much rather battle it out with zombies then rehome premature pets while I'm asleep. I'm here. And I've missed this!