Monday, May 27, 2013

On Friendship, Love, and Mothers

Today was supposed to be easy: Take son to school, do some work from home, head to yoga, bake a birthday cake for my husband, celebrate his birthday, call his sister because it's her birthday, too, take our son to Beavers and call it a day.

Instead, today has also become a sobering reminder of how lucky I am to have days like today.

I got word from a dear friend that her mother has lost her battle with cancer. She hung on longer than doctors expected. She had just welcomed her 9th grandchild two weeks before. But she will sadly miss her youngest daughter's wedding this summer.

I grew up with this friend. We met in high school. Our boyfriends were best friends. We grew up, went to university, and as fate would have it, ended up marrying the same guys we dated back in high school.

I gave a speech at her wedding and cried when she moved to Ireland. I cried more tears when she welcomed a son, and another, and finally a daughter.

Today I cry knowing she has lost her mother. So today, I do what little I can for my friend who is planning to fly home to be with her family. I cannot do much other than share a shoulder when she needs it and let her know that I am here.

Today I am just a friend who is hoping and waiting to help in whatever way she wants me to. Today I am reminded that grief is difficult for all of us, but unimaginably so when it involves your own mother. Much love to you, dear friend.