Friday, April 16, 2010

God Help Us. He Can Open the Deadbolt.

We knew this day was coming - the day when our bright-eyed little man would finally be tall enough and dexterous enough to manipulate the deadbolt on our front door. We live in an apartment -- which buys us few seconds before he can get to the elevator. If he gets that far alone he could easily adventure himself onto other floors or arrive in the lobby with easy access to the street. (He has no problem pushing the right buttons... on elevators and mothers alike!)

Anyways, a few days ago, he mastered the deadbolt task. He had a look of pure delight on his face when the lock released and he found himself free! Noah ran gleefully into the hallway, exclaiming "I Get out! I be naughty! Hurray!"

Yesterday, however, he went too far. I dared to use the restroom last night, and in my absence, Noah crashed the baby gate we use to keep the master bedroom 'off limits'. In thirty seconds, he'd helped himself to a small key and was swiftly headed towards the front door.

He didn't realized I had been watching him in silence since my return to hawk-like supervision. So I just stood behind him and followed him.

He opened the deadbolt.
He let out a maniacal laugh. (I only wish I was kidding.)
He opened the door and looked left and right. 
"Hello? Where is everybody?" he chirped.

Then he bolted. I followed, and watched him sprint towards the end of the hallway. 

Key in hand, he stood on his tiptoes and popped the key into the lock of our neighbour's apartment. "I go visit Gloria!" he said to himself. 

"Uh, not tonight, Noah." I said, raining on his parade. He looked a little sheepish but was deliciously unrepentant. "I find a key, I go visit! I LOCK MOMMY OUT!"

Was that... a threat? Dear God, he can open the deadbolt. In theory, he could leave me stranded in the hallway.

I love my two year old... but today we're going to the hardware store for a chain lock that he CAN'T reach to let himself out. And we're hiding our keys so he can't break into the neighbour's apartment!