Wednesday, July 3, 2013

He Ran His Legs Off (and His Lunch Out)

Our first family Scotia Bank Charity Challenge run was perfect! Like so many of our adventures, it began with unbridled enthusiasm and ended with an unfortunate tossing of cookies. (The figurative kind - I'll try to keep the barf description to a minimum).

Noah was all smiles at the start of the race. We had planned (or rather quietly hoped) that we could complete the 5km walk together: the three of us plus my amazing sister Georgia who came all the way from Nanaimo to run for adoption.

Noah, of course, would have none of it.

"It's a RACE! And I'm gonna WIN!"

And off he went, like a prize winning thoroughbred just sprung through the gates.

Kevin took the backpack, Georgia avoided eye contact, which left me to run after him through the crowd of several thousand runners.

Unfortunately, the concept of running in a straight line is pretty foreign to Noah. He hopped, sprinted, stopped without warning, and crawled (yes CRAWLED) around the course, picking up burst balloons and bird feathers to power him forward. I'll admit I broke a sweat keeping up as he squeaked past/nearly tripped everyone in his wake.

Good thing he had a lime green shirt on: "Excuse me! LEFFFFT! Runner coming through!" (Such a well mannered boy.)

Although the course was mapped as a 5km run, I'm certain if you added up all the circles, detours, and wrong turns we took, Noah could have finished in half the time. Which meant my 5 year old, who completed his run at just over 43 minutes, could very well be a runner in the making. (Proud momma moment? You betcha.)

Towards the end, fatigue set in, as did the Gatorade and water he gulped back at each of the three water stations. "I can't do it! Carry me!" he complained.

So I did... (for about six seconds.)

Thanks to the fans, he made it across the finish line. "GO NOAH! Go Noah!" They chanted.

"Mommy, how do they all know me?" He recalled later. "I must be famous! I'm amazing!"

And so you are, son. You earned your donations and did us proud. On the drive home, when we had to pulled over for you to 'decorate' the steps at the Jazz festival, I was still beaming.

Congrats on the first of many runs, son. Rest up!

PS: If you are inclined, we are gratefully accepting post-run donations in Noah's name. All donations are tax deductible and support the work done here at Adoptive Families Association of BC in support of adoption. Many thanks!