Thursday, April 19, 2012

So, Who's Going to Adopt Me Today?

Every few months, I'm invited to participate in a panel at the Vancouver Adoption Education Program. The AEP course is for prospective adoptive parents. This particular class is for applicants applying through the MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development).

These past few visits, I've brought along my 13 year old sister and 4 year old son, who were both adopted through MCFD.

On the drive in, we had one of our little chats about adoption. I reminded Noah what adoption is, and that he and Georgia, and many of his aunties and uncles, and even Grandpa were adopted.

Noah understands pieces of his adoption, but he's young enough that abstract terms like "adoption" and "birth" vs "adoptive" vs "foster" mother are difficult to fully grasp.

Then I told Noah that today was special because we would be "talking to all the mommies and daddies that are waiting to adopt a kid".

"Well, what are they waiting for?" Noah asked. I explained about how important it was for the mommies and daddies to be ready before they adopted a child. He looked up at me suspiciously.

"Oh." Noah said. Then he was quiet for a while. "So, which one is going to adopt me this time? I hope I get a nice new Momma or Daddy."

He played serenely in the back seat of the car while I struggled to quickly and clearly convey that adoption was not going to be a recurring event in his life. "Sorry, Noah. Mommy and Daddy adopted you first. You're stuck with us."

He threw his eyes skyward, feigning defeat. "Well that's just great Mommy!" He exclaimed sarcastically. I didn't even know a four year old could be sarcastic. But he was.

I think he's relieved, though, not to be moving on from our home. I just hope he can muster similar sarcastic enthusiasm during his teen years. 

I love you, Noah. Thanks for joining us last weekend, and filling all those prospective parents hearts with joy.