Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where are Your Birth Babies, Momma?

Noah asked me where babies came from this morning. As usual, I turned the question back to its inquisitive source.

"Where do YOU think babies come from?" 

Quick on the draw, he very confidently replied "From bananas, Mommy. They grow in a banana and come out of the peel when they are ready. Surprise! It's a baby, not a banana!"

I tried not to laugh too hard. 

"Well, babies actually grow in their mother's tummy." I explained. We talked about dogs having puppies, cats having kittens ("and bananas having baby bananas?" "-Um, not quite, son....")

I further explained that Noah was very special because he had his mommy Sarah and his birth mommy. Then we discussed that he and J were brothers because they had the same birth mommy.

He seemed slightly less confused - at least he seemed sure that mammals begat mammals, rather than springing forth from tropical fruit.

"So, I grew in my birth mommy's tummy. And then I hatched, and THEN I came to live with you and daddy?"

"Yes, my love. Sometimes babies can't stay with their birth mommies, and we were so happy you could be our son!"

"Okay mommy. But... where are YOUR birth babies?"

Oh Noah. I love you. And we'll get through all this confusion together in time.

I don't think I got the chance to answer him. He interrupted soon after. "Hey, Momma, I'm hungry. Can I eat a banana?"

Sure - now that you know you didn't hatch from one.