Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Noah's Enchanted Trip

Dear Noah,

Thanks for being such a good sport at Disneyland. You did great in the long lines in the glorious heat (26 Celsius under a cloudless sky... in February??)

I do owe you an apology, though. I'm sorry I took you on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I didn't know they would be firing cannons directly at us. Nor did I think the flapping parrot would incite terror into your little heart. You seem to like squawking birds and unruly pirates when viewed through the safety of the television screen.

I'm glad you liked to meet all the characters. I don't know if I should be disturbed that the evil queen from Snow White was your ultimate favourite.

I love that you take direction so well from authority figures. I just wish you hadn't listened when the queen told you to blast any princesses you saw at Disneyland. Your merry little roar is cute for the first few renditions, but when you bellow at every princess - either the grown up kind, or the four year olds in their princess gowns, it makes for a noisy afternoon!!

Mostly I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and made the most of this adventure. I love that you parked yourself squarely in front of Minnie Mouse's dishwasher, and declared that you wanted to wash dishes instead of ride the roller coaster.

I love that you watched the fireworks in awe, and looked at me serenely before asking "Hey Mommy, can I bark at the fireworks?"

Bark away, my son. Hope you had a wonderful time!