Friday, July 29, 2011

30 Days as Mom to 3.

We're enjoying the thrills and insanities of parenthood. We are fully aware that our pride and joy is being raised as an only child. He has birth siblings, too, but in our home he's on his own. (Don't panic, Mom, we do have plans for more, and we promised to share when that day arrives.)

In the meantime, we thought we'd get our feet wet by signing up as homestay parents for the month of August. We had a few options... "proposals", if you will, of single children, paired kids, and a sibling group in grade nine and ten.

We opted for the sib group. A boy and a girl one year apart? What could be more fun??

And then it hit me.

On Monday afternoon, I will have three children.
THREE! Two of whom are arriving, jet lagged and missing home, from Korea. One of whom can't stay still for five seconds, and can't stop hopping in excitement about "the BIG KIDS!" moving in.

All three. Together. In my house.

Dear God, I need a minivan.